Students who are sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years old and become academically deficient or deficient in attendance shall be reported to the Transportation Cabinet for driver’s license, permit or driving privilege revocation.

ACADEMIC AND ATTENDANCE DEFICIENCIES for students age sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) enrolled in regular, alternative, part-time, and special education programs shall be defined as follows:

1) They shall be deemed academically deficient if they have not received passing grades in at least four (4) courses, or the equivalent of four courses (must pass 4 on a 5 period schedule), taken in the preceding trimester.
2) They shall be deemed deficient in attendance when they drop out of school or accumulate (6) unexcused absences in a class/classes for the preceding trimester. Suspensions shall be considered unexcused absences.

REINSTATEMENT OF DRIVING PRIVILEGE Students whose driving permits/licenses are revoked, but later meet the statutory standards for reinstatement , must then apply to the Director of Pupil Personnel to have their standing confirmed. The District shall make the required report to the appropriate agency. Students must wait until completion of the following trimester before they can be reported as compliant to regain their driving privilege (if you are reported as non-compliant in the 3rd trimester, you must wait until end of fall trimester to seek reinstatement).

Note: Excuses will not be accepted after last day of school at year’s end for any purpose including driver’s license reinstatement.