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.pdf pages/ 6 pages pages/admissionrequirements.pdf pages/closingscancellations.pdf pages/Pre.pdf pages/graduationrequirements.pdf pages/SBDM.pdf pages/courselisting.pdf
Announcements & Flyers/
09-10/ 23 pages & Flyers/09-10/AmeriCorps Mission.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Literacy Referral form.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Americ Corps Data Brochure.pdf & Flyers/09-10/HCHS Cooperative Education Program.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Oct. 09 HCHS Team Wins First Annual JROTC Black Bear Classic.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Oct. 09 HCHS Art Students place in the 45th Annual Swappin.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Nov 09 OASIS Award Winners.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Dec. 09 Teacher of the Year.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Dec. 09 Commissioner Recognized.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Dec. 09 Operation Christmas Child.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Jan. 10 Alumni Recognized.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Alumni Honorees.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Jan. 09 Dance Team Wins Competition.pdf & Flyers/09-10/Feb. 10 Web Design.pdf & Flyers/09-10/March 10 FEA Activity.pdf & Flyers/09-10/March 10 Honorable Mention Art Award.pdf & Flyers/09-10/April 10 Cisco.pdf & Flyers/09-10/HCHS picks up awards in Math-Science contest.pdf & Flyers/09-10/May 10 Press Release for Hall of Fame Applications 2010.pdf & Flyers/09-10/May 10 Museum of Appalachia Article.pdf & Flyers/09-10/May 10 Money Skills CTE.pdf & Flyers/09-10/May 10 KOSSA Results.pdf & Flyers/09-10/May 10 Upcoming music events at Harlan County High School.pdf
10-11/ 2 pages & Flyers/10-11/HCHS PHONE EXTENSIONS (2).pdf & Flyers/10-11/2011-2012 Calendar Narrative (185).pdf
School Newspaper/ 1 pages & Flyers/10-11/School Newspaper/Black Bear Weekly 1st Edition.pdf
11-12/ 17 pages & Flyers/11-12/REGISTRATION SCHEDULE 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/bus routes 2011-2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/press release on 2011 2012 school year calendar and start times.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Dual credit press release 072911.pdf & Flyers/11-12/November brick information front cover.pdf & Flyers/11-12/November Sample Wording Ideas for Bricks.pdf & Flyers/11-12/November Harlan County High School Miners Memorial Phase I.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Press release on dual credit Mary Jo Young Scholarship 070711.pdf & Flyers/11-12/September 2011.pdf & Flyers/11-12/October 2011 school.pdf & Flyers/11-12/November 2011 SCHOOL.pdf & Flyers/11-12/December 2011 school.pdf & Flyers/11-12/January 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/February 2012 school.pdf & Flyers/11-12/March 2012 school.pdf & Flyers/11-12/April 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/May 2012.pdf
Scholarship Memo's/ 16 pages & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/WYMT-TV MT ACHIEVERS 2011-12.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/SCHOLARSHIP MEMO 1--2011-2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/SCHOLARSHIP MEMO 2 2011-12.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 3 2011-2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 4 2011-2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 5 2011-2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 6--2011-12.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 7 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 8 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 9 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 10-2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 11 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 12 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 13 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 14 2012.pdf & Flyers/11-12/Scholarship Memo's/Scholarship Memo 15 2012.pdf
Bear Facts/ 3 pages & Flyers/Bear Facts/Bear Facts.pdf & Flyers/Bear Facts/The Bear Facts 2 pdf.pdf & Flyers/Bear Facts/Bear Facts January 25 2012 PMS.pdf
Instructions & Templates/
IC/ 1 pages & Templates/IC/Infinite Campus Security.pdf
Internet Safety/ 6 pages & Templates/Internet Safety/carefully select Usernames_Passwords.pdf & Templates/Internet Safety/Guide_to_Instant_Messaging.pdf & Templates/Internet Safety/Internet Chatting is dangerous.pdf & Templates/Internet Safety/Internet Predaors_tip_sheet.pdf & Templates/Internet Safety/Parent Tip Sheet.pdf & Templates/Internet Safety/Symantec Family Online Safety Guide.pdf
Web Design Class/ 3 pages & Templates/Web Design Class/HCHS Web Design Planning Document.pdf & Templates/Web Design Class/HCHS Web Design Planning Document.doc & Templates/Web Design Class/Web Design Article Feb.pdf
PLVS Open Response/
Open Response/ 9 pages Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Good_Team_Member_OR(1.1.03 & 4.2.02).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Rent_Vs_Own_OR(3.1.01).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Banking_Changes_OR(3.1.02).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Jack_Job_Interview_OR(4.1.03 & 4.3.03).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Healthy_Work_Habits_OR(4.2.01).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PL_Social_Changes_on_Workforce_OR(4.3.01).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Online_Banking_OR(4.3.02).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Technology_and_World_OR(4.3.02).doc Open Response/Open Response/HS_PLVS_Job_Search_OR(4.3.03).doc
PLVS Practice Tests/ 5 pages
Career Awareness
Consumer Decisions
Employability Skills & Communication/Technology
Financial Literacy
Personal Wellness
PLVS Open Response MC Test 2/ 1 pages
Practical Living/Vocational Studies - Test 2
PLVS Open Response MC/ 1 pages
Practical Living/Vocational Studies
Terms/ 1 pages
PLVS Terms
PLVS 1/ 1 pages
PLVS Terms Test 1
PLVS 2/ 1 pages
PLVS Terms Test 2
PLVS 3/ 1 pages
PLVS Terms Test 3
PLVS 4/ 1 pages
PLVS Terms Test 4
Program Review/
Arts & Humanities/ 5 pages Review/Arts & Humanities/PR Rationales-Recommendations February 2012.docx Review/Arts & Humanities/Program Review Std 1 Evidence COMPLETE (final).docx Review/Arts & Humanities/Program Review Std. 2 Evidence.docx Review/Arts & Humanities/Program Review Std. 3 Evidence.docx Review/Arts & Humanities/Program Review Std. 4 Evidence COMPLETE.docx
PLCS/ 1 pages Review/PLCS/PLCSRubricJune2011.docx
Writing/ 1 pages Review/Writing/Harlan County Writing Review Product.docx
curriculum/ 2 pages Dual Credit Program.pdf
Applications/ 6 pages Driver.pdf application.pdf application.pdf service application.pdf teacher application.pdf
Bids/ 2 pages 2012 Custodial Supplies.pdf 2011 - Bus Parts and Supplies.pdf
Board of Education/ 2 pages of Education/Public Notice - Financial Report.pdf of Education/2011 Board of Education Roster.pdf
Bus Department/ 6 pages Department/bus routes 2011-2012.pdf Department/busdriverevaluation.pdf Department/busdriversalaryscale.pdf Department/bus schedule.pdf Department/HCPS Bus Trip Requisition Form.pdf Department/Out of State Field Trip request form pages 2 and 3.docx
CSIP Plans/ 10 pages Plans/Districtplan.pdf Plans/bmeplan.pdf Plans/cesplan.pdf Plans/cumbplan.pdf Plans/eesplan.pdf Plans/gesplan.pdf Plans/jacesplan.pdf Plans/resplan.pdf Plans/wesplan.pdf Plans/hchsplan.pdf
Calendar/ 2 pages Calendar Narrative (185).pdf Calendar Narrative.pdf
Charts/ 1 pages Chart 1934-2011.pdf
Employment/ 34 pages 9, 2011 21st Century site coordiantor Cumberland 080911.pdf 9, 2011 Cumb. Ele. Inst. Asst.pdf 15, 2011 Cawood Elementary Instructional Aide 0811511.pdf 18, 2011 Green Hills Elementary aide 081811.pdf 23, 2011 wallins Instructional Aide 082311.pdf 23, 2011 Evarts Elementary LBD special ed 082411 (2).pdf 25, 2011 Rosspoint Elementary Instructional Aide 082411.pdf 25, 2011 JACES Custodian 082511.pdf 29 21st Century site coordiantor Cumberland 082911.pdf 29 Cumberland Elementary instructional aide 082911.pdf 7 Cumberland Elementary aide090711.pdf 8 Custodian for Black Mountain 090811.pdf 8 Black mountain Elementary aide 090811.pdf 25, 2011 Evarts Elementary aide 5 Positions 091511.pdf 13, 2011 Cawood Elementary Instructional Aide 111311 (2).pdf 13, 2011 Rosspoint Elementary Instructional Aide 111311 (3).pdf 21, 2011 21st Century assistant site coordinatorCumberland Elementary 102111c.pdf 19, 2011 James A Cawood Middle school social studies teacher 101911.pdf 27, 2011 Maintenance Worker II with Certification Supervisor 102711.pdf 1, 2011 James A Cawood Elementary Instructional Aide 11111.pdf 11, 2011 Maintenance Worker II with Certification 111111.pdf 17, 2011 Cawood Elementary Instructional Aide 111711.pdf 16, 2011 Director of Maintenance 121611.pdf 12, 2012 Black Mountain Special Education Teacher 011212.pdf 12, 2012 Black Mountain Primary 011212.pdf 2, 2012 HCHS secretary 020212.pdf 7 21st Century site coordiantorJames A Cawood Ele School.pdf 9, 2012 Rosspoint School Food service four hours 020912.pdf 13, 2012 Cumberland Elementary instructional aide 021312 REVISED.pdf 17, 2012 HCHS Attendance Clerk 021712.pdf 6, 2012 Job Posting Dance Coach 030612 (2).pdf 7, 2012 Cumberland Elementary secretary030712.pdf 13, 2012 cook baker HCHS parttime 031312.pdf 16, 2012 FRYSC Center Aide at LGR FRYSC Green Hills 031612.pdf
Estub/ 1 pages
Food Service/ 11 pages Service/Online Meal PrePayment System.pdf Service/img-920113512-0001.pdf Service/img-920081123-0001.pdf Service/Bid July 1-Dec 2012.pdf Service/JULY 2012 BID SPECS.pdf Service/fresh fruits.pdf Service/MySchoolBucks_Parent_Letter.pdf Service/In recognition of their 34 years of service to Harlan County Public Schools.pdf Service/Sept. Evarts Elementary School Lunchroom Manager Diane Bennett receives an award from Evelyn Sargent.pdf Service/2011 2012 HS MENUS.pdf Service/ELEM REVISED DEC 2011.pdf
Frank Brittain Hall of Fame/ 1 pages Brittain Hall of Fame/Application for Nomination to the.pdf
Handbooks/ 2 pages
BME/ 2 pages Fitness Fair Poster and Essay Contest - BME.pdf 2011 - Black Mountain News Release.pdf
Cawood ES/ 2 pages ES/Feb. 2011 Gov. Cup.pdf ES/March - Fitness Fair Poster and Essay Contests.pdf
Cumb. ES/ 27 pages ES/Sept. 2010 21st Century Community Learning Center.pdf ES/Oct. 2010 21st - positive character traits.pdf ES/Oct. 2010 21st Century Plays Plinko at School Fall Festival.pdf ES/Oct. 2010 21st Century Thrills.pdf ES/Oct. 2010 21st Century Women's Self-Defense Class.pdf ES/Oct. 2010 Fundraiser.pdf ES/Nov. 2010 21st Century Hosts Lights On Afterschool Project.pdf ES/Feb. 2010 21st Century young scholars club.pdf ES/Feb. 2011 Cumb 4-H.pdf ES/Feb. 2011 Cooking Class.pdf ES/Feb. 2011 GeoMotion.pdf ES/Feb. 2011 Cumberland Students place in Regional Governor's Cup.pdf ES/Feb. 2011 The DOME Theater.pdf ES/March Memorial Service.pdf ES/March - Cumberland Elementary wins District Governor.pdf ES/March - Hatfield Excels at State Level.pdf ES/March - CES 21st CCLC Students Make Their Own Doughnuts.pdf ES/March - Girl Power Club.pdf ES/March - 21st Century Students Enter the DOME again.pdf ES/March 2011 - Cumberland Elem - Pow Wow for Progress.pdf ES/March 2011 - Dr Seuss Family Night.pdf ES/March 2011 - Academic Awards Celebration at March 22 2011 Board Meeting.pdf ES/April - CES 21st CCLC Dye Easter Eggs.pdf ES/May 2011 - CES 21st CCLC Dissecting Owl Pellets.pdf ES/May 2011 - CES FRYSC Trest 21st CCLC Students to an Ice Cream.pdf ES/May 2011 - CES Girl Power Club Hosts Fashion Show.pdf ES/May 2011 - Cumberland Elementary School 4th Grade Hosts Family Literacy Night.pdf
District/ 10 pages 2010 Superintendents Corner Scholarship $.pdf 2011 Club using indoor track for fitness.pdf - Governor's Cup Results February 26 2011.pdf 2011 - Wallins, Mboro, Rpoint take top honors.pdf 2011 - Student Tech. Winners.pdf 2011 - Shining Stars Honored at Banquet.pdf 2011 - Cumberland Lions Club Scholarship.pdf 2011 - East Kentucky Social Club.pdf 2011 - Harlan County Community Scholarships.pdf 2011 - Harlan County School Conservation District Scholarships.pdf
Athletics/ 5 pages 29, 2011.pdf 30, 2011.pdf 4, 2011.pdf 4, 2011 Middle School Baseball.pdf 11, 2011 HCHS Baseball.pdf
EES/ 4 pages 2010 newsletter.pdf 2011 EJH Academic Team.pdf 2011 Evarts Elementary Dr Suess.pdf Fitness Fair Poster.pdf
GHES/ 2 pages 2010 FalconFlyer_September2010.pdf 2011 - dr seuss and heimlich.pdf
HCHS/ 20 pages 2010 Black Bear Classic Article.pdf 2010 Raider Comp at Mboro.pdf 2010 JROTC Supports VFW.pdf 2010 Homecoming.pdf 2010 HCHS Students Selected to All.pdf 2010 Foundation donates.pdf 2010 1 Million Dollar Donation.pdf 2010 Bears whip Maroons for regional title.pdf 2010 Kentucky Arts Council selects 20 high schools to participate in Poetry Out Loud.pdf Bear Facts.pdf 2011 Hensley signs with Pikeville College 020211.pdf 2010 HCHS Future Problem Solving Team places first in Regional Governor.pdf The Bear Facts 2 pdf.pdf 2011 - Eastern Kentucky University Honor Band.pdf 2011 - Harlan County defeated visiting Perry Central 5-1 Tuesday.pdf 2011 - The Harlan County High School Concert Band participated in the Kentucky Music Educator.pdf 2011 Coach Larkey Scouting award 042911.pdf 2011 - Kymberlyn Wilson 051811.pdf 2011 - Susan Moody Memorial Scholarship.pdf
JACES/ 1 pages 2011 Our Middle School Academic team placing third in their district.pdf
RES/ 3 pages Day.pdf - Rosspoint Academic Team wins first place in District Governor.pdf 2011 - Debbie Napier selected for Academy for history and civics 050411.pdf
WES/ 3 pages 2011 Fitness Fair Poster Wallins.pdf - WALLINSdr seuss day.pdf 2011 - Sixth Grade Showcase 032211.pdf
BME/ 2 pages Newspaper (Get Active Get Fit Challenge).pdf 7th and 8th Grade Students and Faculty.pdf
CES/ 2 pages Mike Scott Cawood Elementary.pdf 2, 2012 Cawood Elementary Schools primary students recently were treated to readings from Dr.pdf
Cumb. ES/ 9 pages ES/Cumberland Steele Reese Foundation grant 080211.pdf ES/August Back to School Blowout.pdf ES/Sept. Seatbelt Safety and Invisible Wonder Air programs come to Cumberland Elem.pdf ES/Sept. Cumberland Elem Grandparents Night.pdf ES/Sept. Cheer Squad donation.pdf ES/Feb. Boys and Girls Club.pdf ES/Feb. Mathcount Champions.pdf ES/April Cumberland students learn to salsa dance.pdf ES/April The 5th and 6th grade students at Cumberland Elementary .pdf
Dist/ 32 pages CERTIFIED SALARY SCHEDULE.pdf 2012-13 Summer PD Calendar.pdf Summer Training Schedule SESC UCSEC WTEC revised 4-25.pdf brick information front cover.pdf Sample Wording Ideas for Bricks.pdf Harlan County High School Miners Memorial Phase I.pdf release on 2011 2012 school year calendar and start times.pdf by Degrees docx.pdf ACT news.pdf To Your Baby for HC website.pdf release for distinguished alumni 2011.pdf brought winning attitude to HCHS football program.pdf Golf Scramble flyer.pdf 2011 HCPS NEWS.pdf Brick project for Coal Miners Stadium.pdf - 8th tournament brackets.pdf 2012 Passing for a Purpose QBWR camp.pdf OpPrep HCHS.pdf Feb27 Coupon Exchange.pdf CES RES Mathcounts.pdf Results for 2012 Elementary District Governor's Cup (2).pdf EXPLORE 2012.pdf 2012 Kindergarten and Preschool Registration 2012-2013.pdf 2012 Harlan County Schools recently.pdf Harlan County educator attends literacy meeting in Somerset .pdf commed April26 Coupon Exchange.pdf County schools hosting day for in.pdf Education Defined.pdf County Reading Buddies letter.pdf
EES/ 9 pages Program at EES Kicked-off.pdf SECC Professor visits Evarts Elementary School.pdf 2012 Nelson At Evarts Elementary School.pdf Evarts Elementary Parents Read to Students.pdf open house Evarts Elementary School.pdf 100th Day Celebration at Evarts Elementary School.pdf Evarts Elementary School celebrated Dr.pdf Alpha Natural Resources recently donated.pdf Evarts Elementary School recently dedicated a new playground for the primary students at the school.pdf
GHES/ 3 pages 2011 Green Hills Reading Night Celebration.pdf 2011 Green Hills Elementary food drive.pdf Green Hills students assist Ronald McDonald House.pdf
HCHS/ 100 pages County High School Site Based Decision Making Council Members 2011-2012.pdf credit press release 072911.pdf Schedule 2011-12 (2).pdf COUNTY VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE 2011.pdf County High School Scholarships awarded 071311.pdf release on dual credit Mary Jo Young Scholarship 070711.pdf vs. Morristown East.pdf HCHS game preview - Morristown East.pdf game 1.pdf JROTC Raider Team sched.pdf - Directions to Lexington Lafayette High School for.pdf HCHS-Dunbar preview.pdf HCHS-KC volleyball.pdf Harlan County PLD recap.pdf HCHS-Gate City preview.pdf HCHS over Gate City.pdf HCHS CC at Owsley.pdf PDF - HC KC preview.pdf PDF - Harlan County over KC.pdf PDF - HCHS wins at Berea.pdf BearPaw article.pdf PDF - HC over Bell JV.pdf PDF - HC over Harlan volleyball.pdf The Harlan County High School Academic Team.pdf HCHS Band .pdf volleyball tournament.pdf PDF - Wayne race.pdf raider pride.pdf Mt. Leconte Article.pdf PDF - Bobcat Invitational.pdf Beauty of the Rivers Photograpy contest winners from HCHS.pdf Harlan County High School Photography Class gets new cameras.pdf Harlan County High Schools participate in Coal and Rail Centennial Photography Contest .pdf Harlan County High School junior Kymberlyn Wilson recently participated in the Appalachian Regional Commission.pdf Five Harlan County High Drama members competed in the Kingdom Come storytelling competition at the 47th annual Swappin.pdf HCHS choir.pdf PDF - HCHS Whitley preview.pdf regional volleyball pairings.pdf Girls Schedule.pdf Boys B-Ball Sch .pdf PDF - regional champs cross country.pdf HCHS NHS.pdf Directions to southwestern.pdf Black Bear Battalion Staff Visits Mt.pdf JROTC recently participated in a Raider Meet.pdf HCHS Dance Team Participates in Competition.pdf PDF - HCHS girls over Williamsburg.pdf PDF - HCHS over Harlan JV.pdf Hughes National Story Winner.pdf Annual Mountain Masters Photography .pdf The Harlan County High School Christmas Concert is scheduled for Tuesday.pdf 2011 PDF - HCHS - Lee, Pineville.pdf 2011 Fifteen members of the Harlan County High School Choir .pdf HCHS Academic Team Update.pdf Local Team Participate in Supply Drive for Shelter.pdf PDF - Hazard over HCHS in WYMT.pdf PDF - HCHS over Bell on Jan 126.pdf 2012 District Governor's Cup Press Release.pdf 2012 Barn Quilt 5.pdf Bear Facts January 25 2012 PMS.pdf PDF - HCHS over Middlesboro.pdf BREWER SMITH By JOHN HENSON.pdf hospitality.pdf Eddie Creech and Center for Courageous Kids fundraising camp June 2 2012.pdf HC over HHS.pdf HCHS National Storytelling Award.pdf Lady Bears win district title.pdf bball regional brackets.pdf Davenport.pdf HCHS Academic Team State Bound.pdf HCHS band students chosen to participate in the Eastern Kentucky University Honor Band.pdf Clay over HCHS (3).pdf 6, 2011 Wills, Bush, Smith National Anthem.pdf 6, 2012 Evans Wills national Honor Choir.pdf 2012 Raider Team.pdf 12, 2012 The UK center for Excellence in Rural Health.pdf, 2012 Harlan County High School Tennis Schedule1.pdf 2012 Lady Bears Softball Schedule.pdf Harlan County High School Baseball Schedule.pdf SE Math Science competition 032212.pdf 2012 fball schedule.pdf Stepp signs two Black Bears to help build Alice Lloyd program.pdf Two from HCHS chosen for National Honors Choir 032812.pdf Tennis.pdf Harlan County High School musicians Emily Wills.pdf Twains Tales.pdf braxton.pdf Bond Throws Perfect Game.pdf NHS.pdf HCHS sweeps Bell Harlan.pdf Future Harlan County Lady Bears Camp.pdf Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.pdf Winter Guard.pdf - Future Harlan County Boys Basketball Black Bear Camp.pdf - Taylor Howard 042412.pdf - Finalists have been announced for the Harlan County Community Scholarship and the Harlan County Soil Conservation Scholarships.pdf - Spring on Cloverlick.pdf - Rhonda Robinson.pdf HCHS to host district softball Tournament.pdf HCHS to host District baseball tournament.pdf
JACES/ 4 pages The Reading Buddies program at James A.pdf JACES McTeacher Night .pdf Titanic.pdf Book Club.pdf
RES/ 4 pages Rosspoint Claims Championship.pdf Rosspoint School won the District 83 middle grades.pdf Rosspoint Wins 2012 Regional Elementary Governor's Cup 032012.pdf Group Volunteer Efforts.pdf
WES/ 5 pages 11 Newspaper.pdf Wallins Elementary School recently held a food drive for Christ.pdf The Beta Club at Wallins collected items for the tornado relief effort in Laurel County over the past couple of weeks.pdf project at villiage center.pdf Wallins Elementary Book Signing held at Jewelcraft.pdf
RTI Matrix/ 2 pages Matrix/RTI Process Matrix Harlan County Schools 2011-12.doc Matrix/RTI Process Matrix Harlan County Schools 2011-12.pdf
Redbook/ 1 pages Approval for Events.pdf
Score Protocol/ 11 pages Protocol/Rationale.doc Protocol/Rationale.pdf Protocol/SCOREcorecontentlog.doc Protocol/SCOREcorecontentlog.pdf Protocol/scorereviewform.doc Protocol/scorereviewform.pdf Protocol/SCORE-Ind-Analysis-Sheet.pdf Protocol/SCORE-Individual-Analysis-Sheet-Learning-Target.doc Protocol/SCORE-Individual-Analysis-Sheet-Learning-Target.pdf Protocol/Score Protocol process.doc Protocol/Score Protocol process.pdf
Teacher Tools/ 10 pages Tools/exitcriteriak-8.doc Tools/exitcriteriak-8.pdf Tools/OBS form 1112.doc Tools/OBS form 1112.pdf Tools/OBS form notes 1112.doc Tools/OBS form notes 1112.pdf Tools/openresponse.pdf Tools/MultipleChoiceOrganizer.doc Tools/MultipleChoiceOrganizer.pdf Tools/IPGP(2).doc
Time Sheets/ 1 pages Sheets/ESS-timesheet-calendar-2010-11.doc