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Parents & Students

Home Hospital instruction seeks to offer an academic program that can realistically balance grade level demand to personal injury until such time as the student can return to an appropriate school environment. Home Hospital instruction is short-term instruction provided in a home or other designated site for a student who is temporarily unable to attend school.  When a student is expected to be absent from school for at least five consecutive days because of a documented medical or psychological condition, Home Hospital instruction should be considered.  According to state guidelines, two hours of Home Hospital instruction every five school days is the equivalent to one full week of school attendance.  Home Hospital instruction is not designed to take the place of a more appropriate school placement and please note that enrollment into the Home Hospital program provides no guarantee that a student will pass their classes. Students will be held accountable and must complete each assignment that is provided to them by the Home Hospital teacher. It is the responsibility of the Home Hospital teacher to return the assignments to the Classroom teachers for grading.

Responsibilities of the Parent. The parent will:

  • Present the required documentation to the Director; the HH Application and notes are below
  • Be present for each Home Hospital session/visit
  • Sign the Visitation and Planning Schedule provided by the Home Hospital teacher per visit
  • Provide a safe environment for home teaching
  • Contact the Home Hospital teacher in the event that the student is unable to make the scheduled appointment

The student is responsible for the level and quality of work to be accomplished. The student will:

  • Be on time
  • Bring books and materials to the teaching session/visit
  • Complete all assigned work
  • Work to the best of their ability

Below you will find the application including medical forms that will help determine the need for exemption from school and for the provision of Home Hospital instruction for your child. The entire application (items 1-4 below) must be returned to our office to determine eligibility before instruction can begin. Please ask your doctor to complete them quickly and then we need for you to mail or hand deliver the original copy to Harlan County Public Schools, ATTN: Scott Pace, Home/Hospital Director, 251 Ball Park Road, Harlan, KY 40831. Requests for school exemptions based on medical reasons must be completed by your child’s licensed physician. Requests for school exemptions based on mental health reasons must be completed by the licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who is treating your child. Please complete the following:

  1. Section I: Parent/Student Information - This MUST be completed by the legal parent(s) / guardian(s) prior to full completion by the licensed medical or mental health professional.
  2. Section II: Medical Professional Statement - This section is to be filled out, signed and dated by the authorized medical or mental health professional. A diagnosis must be listed along with the length of time that Home/Hospital will be needed. The application also should include verification that the illness confines the student to a hospital, nursing facility, or home and that the student is unable to attend school.  Please note that HH services for any diagnosis begin based on the date of the doctors signature with no exceptions. Additionally, to be in compliance with 704 KAR 7:120, Section 2, Subsection 4 'an application for mental health reasons may be considered if completed by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist'. Please call if you have questions or need assistance. The application can be faxed (606-573-5767) or preferably hand delivered by the parent to Harlan County Public Schools, ATTN: Scott Pace, Home/Hospital Director, 251 Ball Park Road, Harlan, KY 40831
  3. Section III: School District Home/Hospital Review Committee - This section is to be completed by the Home/Hospital Review Committee.
  4. Parent Agreement Letter for Home/Hospital Instruction - Along with Section I, the document MUST be completed by the legal parent(s) / guardian(s) before your child can be approved for Home/Hospital.

Home/Hospital Teachers

We would like to start by thanking you for your willingness to be a part of the Home/Hospital program within the Harlan County Public School District! Being the bridge between our classroom teachers and the students we serve takes a lot of commitment and attention to detail. Over the years your hard work has ensured the success of this program and allowed our students to continue to obtain a quality education during times of hardship! General notes are below:

Primary Responsibilities

  • The role of the Home/Hospital teacher is to provide the most appropriate academic accommodations for the student and to act as the liaison between the family and the school and to help the student remain current with their academic program, including courses needed for graduation. 
  • The HH teacher should immediately contact the parent/guardian to establish dates and times for visits.
  • Provide instruction and course assignments for all classes.
  • Maintain communication with the regular classroom teachers on student progress. A weekly progress report is encouraged.


  • The HCPSD pays $25 per visit


  • Beginning with the date of enrollment in the H/H program, the H/H Teacher meets with the student for individualized instruction a minimum of two (2) visits a week with a minimum of one (1) hour of instruction per visit as equivalent to the attendance of one (1) child five (5) days in school.
    (2 visits per week/5 days of instruction, 2 visits for a 4 day shortened week, 1 for a shortened 3 day week)
  • HH visits can be made on days that school is cancelled
  • HH visits can and should be made on NTI days if weather/conditions permit. NTI days are regular instruction days and visits should be made after regular school hours.
  • HH visits should not be made on long breaks such as Christmas Vacation and Spring Break
  • HH visits can/should only be made on a weekend out of necessity such as make-ups, testing periods, HH teacher or student illness, etc.
  • To calculate the # of visits that should be made within the HH period - # of instructional days / by 2.5
  • If visits have NOT been made for a week, make-ups can be done for that week for a total of (2) two visits. Anything beyond a week will either 1.) be counted as an absence if the HH teacher tried to make the visit but was unable to due to the parent(s) & student being unavailable to meet with or 2.) excused due to the HH teacher not making the visit(s) which was no fault of the student.


  • The regular classroom teacher must be contacted immediately to develop an academic plan for the projected period of time the student will be out of school to meet the instructional needs and abilities of the student. The regular classroom teacher must be given the option to provide, collect and grade assignments. They can request that you assist with the issuance of assignments and grades, but please document this agreement. Please make every effort to collect and return assignments to the regular classroom teacher as quickly as possible. It is very important that grades posted to IC are accurate and reflective of what the student has/has not completed while on the HH program.
  • Assignments can only be provided within the HH service window. If there are excused absences that occurred just prior to this period, you are more than welcome to gather those assignments and help the HH student with them.


  • Timesheets and the Visitation and Planning Schedule must be turned in by the 1st and 15th of each month in order to process payment and document visits. The Program Form is due only at the conclusion of HH Services.
  • Multiple students can be added to the Timesheets, but we MUST have a separate Visitation and Planning Schedule form per student.
  • Please make sure that the Timesheets and Visitation and Planning Schedules are turned in together and the dates & times of your visits match exactly.
  • Please fill out your paperwork using a colored pen to help distinguish between originals and copies of documents.
  • Your ID Number must appear at the bottom of the Timesheet in order for it to be processed for payment.
  • Please have the parent/guardian sign the Visitation and Planning Schedule each time you make a visit.
  • Copies of your documents can be turned it for payment, but the originals must be turned in as well for filing.

If you are interested in becoming a Home/Hospital teacher please contact Scott Pace, H/H Director at 606-574-4330 x2047 /!

Classroom Teachers

After a student’s application is approved, the Home Hospital teacher will immediately make a request for work/assignments which can be e-mailed (to both the HH teacher and the student/parent(s) where applicable), dropped off with the guidance counselor(s) to be picked up or picked up directly. It is imperative that the HH and Classroom Teachers remain in contact throughout the HH period and work together to ensure that assignments are made available and also returned in a timely manner. Note that modifications to the curriculum required for student’s with an IEP and/or based on their homebound situation should be made when necessary.

Providing work/assignments typically means:

  • Copies of all necessary texts, unless the student already has his/her own.
  • A brief list of units/chapters/assessments (not necessarily daily lesson plans).
  • Copies of handouts/worksheets

It is the responsibility of the student to complete the work and then the HH teacher to return it back to the classroom teacher. Please continue to provide assignments weekly or as needed to match your curriculum regardless of whether or not the assignments have been returned.